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What we are striving for...

Solid Ground Wellness (SGW) defines our Counseling services as a one-to-one caring and supportive relationship between our counselors and an individual, couple, group, or family that is based on trust. 


Our mission is to provide individuals, families, and communities access to competent mental health and wellness services. Our compassionate licensed therapists understand the importance of a holistic approach to achieving a fulfilling life that is not only healthy but also resilient and hopeful. We have the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to bring the precious balance of health and vibrancy into your life. 


SGW's exceptional commitment to individualized care is the difference between simply coping and thriving. The underlying message in the way we approach our work is that mental health and physical health are fundamentally two sides of the same coin. They are both indicators of wellness and in many cases, coexist. It’s only when the stigma that is associated with mental illness is no longer an issue, can we be assured that all those who may be suffering from mental distress will come forward for care.


It is of utmost importance that our clients feel safe and secure while meeting individually or in a group session with our team. Our goal is to build long-lasting and effective relationships with our clients and to provide them with the opportunity to express and represent themselves in a healthy and productive manner. Solid Ground Wellness, LLC lives up to our name by helping our clients reach a firm and healthy footing in their lives.

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